Certified Anti-Money Laundering Senior Specialist Course
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Certified Anti-Money Laundering Senior Specialist Course

Certified AML Specialist Course, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Senior Specialist Course, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, AML Specialist Certification, Financial Crimes, AML Certification

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  • Last update 9.2023
Last update 9.2023

This course includes:

  • icon list 6 Hours of On-Demand Video
  • icon list 54 Reading Materials
  • icon list 36 Visual Schemes
  • icon list Access for 3 Months after Completion
  • icon list 50 Quizzes
  • icon list 20 CPD Points
  • icon list Certificate of Completion

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What you’ll learn:

  • Deeper knowledge: learn deeper AML/CTF+ principles and practices.
  • Regulatory understanding: understand global/regional AML/CTF+ regulations.
  • Risk management: grasp risk assessment and management techniques.
  • Customer due diligence: learn effective CDD processes and suspicious activity detection.
  • Technology integration: discover how technology enhances AML efforts.
  • Practical application: analyse case studies for practical application of AML/CTF+ concepts.
  • Industry specifics: explore AML/CTF+ implementation in various industries.
  • Compliance best practices: learn ethical compliance techniques and best practices.

Program overview

Find out what you'll learn in CASS, Senior AML Specialist Certification Program, how long it will last, and what qualifications you'll gain after completing it.

This certification program is focused on:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of AML/CTF+ compliance programs, including their necessity, structure, and internal controls.
  • Developing a keen insight into the process of risk assessment within the AML/CTF+ context.
  • Acquiring the skills necessary to conduct various types of risk assessments effectively.
  • Comprehending the intricacies of KYC procedures and their pivotal role in AML/CTF+ efforts.
  • Attaining proficiency in conducting basic KYC checks.
  • Understanding the process of transaction monitoring and the importance of maintaining up-to-date customer information.
  • Recognising the critical steps and importance of reporting suspicious activities as well as the main red flags.
  • Familiarising yourself with the unique AML/CTF+ principles applicable across different industries.
  • The course material, prepared by some of the leading experts in the field, is designed to provide a high degree of various expertise.
  • The learning experience is enhanced through animated videos to improve retention, along with professionally designed diagrams for visualising complex topics.

This course represents the next stage in advancing your career in Anti-Financial Crime (AFC), building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in Foundations (ABC).

The Certified AML Specialist (CASS) Certification Program is an extensive educational course designed to enhance understanding of AML/CTF+, tailored for aspiring AML and AFC professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

Through structured modules, interactive learning materials, quizzes, and a final exam, participants gain proficiency in AML/CTF+ compliance programs, risk assessment, KYC procedures, transaction monitoring, and reporting suspicious activities, leading to formal recognition and career advancement opportunities in financial compliance and risk management.

How long is the course and what does it include?

  • Learning method: Online
  • Recommended period of completion: 4-5 weeks
  • Duration of video materials: 6 h
  • Format: Videos, textual materials, schemes
  • Practical materials: Yes
  • Interactive Quizzes: Yes
  • Final exam: 60 questions
  • Duration of final exam: 90-minute time frame

What qualifications will I receive?

This certification acknowledges your comprehensive understanding of Anti-Money Laundering and financial crime prevention, demonstrating your proficiency in various aspects of AML/CTF+ compliance programs, risk assessment, KYC procedures, transaction monitoring, and reporting suspicious activities. By successfully completing the program, you will gain formal qualifications that validate your expertise in AML/CTF+ principles and practices.

These qualifications are recognised within the industry and serve as a testament to your dedication to combating financial crimes. The CASS certification signifies your readiness to start your career in AML/CTF+ compliance or to advance your existing career in financial compliance and risk management.

Additionally, CASS certification program is CPD accredited, meaning that you will receive 20 CPD hours on completion as well as 1-year membership in the CPD Institute.

*AML/CTF+ = Anti-Financial Crime. We frequently use that abbreviation to highlight the most prominent financial crimes, while acknowledging that there are other types, such as proliferation financing.


What are the requirements for a student who wants to take CASS Certification Program?

  • Basic computer and internet skills.
  • Knowledge of English at least B2.
  • Foundational knowledge.
  • A desire to understand the principles of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, countering the financing of terrorism, proliferation financing and other financial crimes.

Course content

  • 11 sections
  • 59 lectures
  • 8h  total length
Introduction to Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist financing

9 lectures

45 min

Understanding money laundering and its impact
Historical Background and Evolution of Money Laundering
Consequences and Impacts of Money Laundering
Understanding Terrorist financing
Historical Background and Evolution of Terrorist Financing
Consequences and Impacts of Terrorist Financing
Differences and Similarities between Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorist Financing (TF)
Understanding Proliferation Financing (PF) and Consequences
International Sanctions: Importance and Why?
Methods of money laundering and terrorist financing

9 lectures

70 min

General concepts
Services, activities and products may be used for money laundering
Common roles in the Money Laundering Process (Money Mules, Professional Launderers, etc.)
Fraud and Other Predicate Offences as Part of Money Laundering
Examples of Money Laundering
Evolving Techniques and Trends in ML
Navigating the Pathways of Terrorist Financing
Evolving Techniques and Trends in TF
Examples of Terrorist Financing
AML/CTF+ Compliance Programs and Internal Controls

8 lectures

65 min

Basic Principles of Risk Management
Introduction to Compliance Programs
Introduction to the First Line (of Defence) model
Introduction to the Second Line (of Defence) model
Introduction to Training and Awareness Programs for Employees
Other elements of AML/CTF Compliance Programs
External auditors/regulators
Risk Assessment in AML/CTF+

5 lectures

50 min

What is Risk Assessment?
Basic Steps for Conducting Risk Assessments
ML/TF+ Risk Identification
AML/CTF+ Risk Scoring
Examples of Risk Assessment Scenarios
Know Your Customer (KYC) Principle

9 lectures

50 min

The Significance of KYC in AML/CTF+ Efforts
Why KYC protocols vary by country and industry
Risk-Based Approach to KYC
Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
Simplified Customer Due Diligence (SDD)
Challenges in KYC Procedures
The Role of Technology in KYC Procedures
Ongoing Due Diligence Monitoring in AML/CTF

3 lectures

35 min

Introduction to Ongoing Due Diligence
Spotting Suspicious Activities
Case study
Reporting Suspicious Financial Activities

2 lectures

30 min

Understanding the Reporting of Suspicious Financial Activities (SAR/STR)
General Requirements and Reporting Obligations
AML/CTF+ in Specific Industries

2 lectures

30 min

AML/CTF+ in Banking and Financial Institutions
AML/CTF+ in Non-Financial Sectors
International Cooperation and Regulatory Authorities

2 lectures

30 min

Role of International Organisations in Combating ML/TF+
Cooperation and Information Sharing among Regulatory Bodies
Emerging Trends and Technologies in AML/CTF+

3 lectures

30 min

Consequences of Non-compliance with AML/CTF+ Regulations

3 lectures

15 min

Enforcement Actions and Penalties for AML/CTF+ Violations
Building a Culture of Compliance
Case Studies - Penalties


How does the Certified Senior AML Specialist differ from the Foundations course?

Senior Specialist reveals deeper layers of AML and CTF with a focus on strategy, risk analysis, leadership roles and practical steps to creating effective compliance programs.

What practical aspects are included in the Certified AML Senior Specialist Course?

We provide schemes, useful practical materials, real cases and scenarios so you can put your knowledge into practice.

Who will benefit most from this course?

Certified AML Senior Specialist is ideal for experienced professionals who want to deepen their skills in anti-money laundering. Before starting the CASS Certification Program we recommend you to complete our Foundations course to gain the foundational knowledge.

What career prospects will this course open up?

The course will increase your attractiveness in the labour market, opening doors to senior management and consultancy roles in AML.

What certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course?

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded the CPD accredited Certified Anti-Money Laundering Senior Specialist certificate, confirming your expertise in AML. Also, you will be granted 1-year membership in the CPD institute.

How is the examination process done?

Once you've completed studying the course and finished all lessons, you will need to undergo an examination. The exam includes several choices for each question. On successfully passing the exam, you will receive a certificate for the course. If the initial attempt is unsuccessful, a retake is permitted after a few days.


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"Equipping compliance professionals with the tools to identify and neutralise threats obligated entities face - AML Certification Centre training programs are an effective Anti-Financial Crime toolkit from practitioners for practitioners."
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"This is one of the best AML/CTF training I’ve ever had in my professional career combating financial crime for over than 15 years. In my opinion AML Certification Center’s AML/CFT course is more valuable and relevant than other similar organisations provide. You can choose the tailored training based on your knowledge level and improve it. If you want to have interesting reading and localized training - you should definitely take it!"
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"I was searching for new qualifications and due to high demand for AML specialists my choice fell on this line of work. As a newcomer I took the foundations course. The materials presented to me further ignited my interest, the lessons were well structured, video materials combined with text were especially useful for digesting information. I felt like a few mid-course tests were a bit hard, but upon completion I revised my notes and it all made sense. Overall, I am satisfied with this course and its length, it fit perfectly into my schedule and I want to continue my education with this provider."
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