AML Foundations EMIs
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AML Foundations EMIs

Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, AML Foundations, Financial Crimes, Risk Management, Compliance, KYC, CDD, EMIs

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  • 102
  • Beginner
  • English (UK) English (UK)
  • Last update 4.2024
Last update 4.2024

This course includes:

  • icon list 4 Hours of on-demand video
  • icon list 23 Submodules of reading material
  • icon list 26 Schemes
  • icon list 30 Assignments
  • icon list Final Exam
  • icon list Certificate of completion
  • icon list 2 weeks - Recommended learning timeline

365 €

This course includes Foundations

What You’ll Learn

  • Foundational knowledge: A deep exploration of various financial crimes and predicate offenses leading to understanding.
  • Risk management: Understand the details of risk evaluation and effective ways to manage it.
  • Compliance programs: Learn the necessary elements of being compliant, such as KYC, CDD, CIP, etc.
  • Regulatory understanding: Develop an awareness about regulators and have a deft touch on global/regional AML/CTF+ rules.
  • Industry specifics: Look into the peculiarities of EMI’s sector by considering its business mechanics and ML/TF matters.
  • Ethics and conduct: Understand ethical principles and conduct practices that sustain integrity in this domain.
  • Practical application: Use practical case studies while learning AML/CTF+ concepts, making you better at it.
  • Terminology mastery: Acquire dexterity in the language spoken by AML/CTF+ professionals.

Course overview

What about the course duration and the qualifications you will receive after completing it?

The AML Foundations (ABC) for EMIs course serves as an introduction to the fundamental principles of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and other financial crimes (AML/CTF+).

Throughout the course, participants will get a good understanding of key terms, strategies, and techniques necessary for fighting financial crime especially within EMIs. After completing the program learners will have a sound knowledge base of AML/CTF+ principles that is specifically designed to meet EMIs industry needs.

This course serves as a foundational introduction, providing various insights into:

  • An in-depth overview of financial crimes and predicate offenses, taking a look at their motivations, methodologies, and consequences.
  • Understanding risk and its management regarding anti-financial crime actions.
  • Foundational knowledge of compliance programs, including components involved alongside practical insights.
  • Learning effective strategies for mitigating financial crime risks and discerning when to terminate business relationships.
  • Understanding regulatory bodies, typical regulations, compliance protocols, and repercussions of non-compliance.
  • Recognizing the importance as well as the difference between a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct.

Prepared by leading field experts, this material will give you all the info you must know.

There are animated videos that help in retention, while professionally crafted schematics and visuals simplify comprehension of complex topics.

Embark on the AML Foundations (ABC) for EMIs course so as to start your journey towards becoming an accomplished Anti-Financial Crime Specialist within the EMIs sector.

How Long and What Is Included?

  • Learning method: online.
  • Duration of course materials: 10 hours.
  • Duration of video materials: 3 hours.
  • Format: video, textual materials, diagrams.
  • Practical materials: yes.
  • Interactive quizzes: yes.
  • Final exam: 30 questions.
  • Duration of final exam: 60-minute time frame.

Qualifications You’ll Have

After you finish taking the AML Foundations (ABC) for EMIs through the AML Certification Centre, you will be given a Certificate of Completion. This respected document demonstrates that you have completed the course successfully, indicating that you fully understand AML/CTF+ basics. It also shows your ability to keep up with regulatory requirements and preserve financial integrity. This award attests to how committed you are to progress in your career and your understanding of the basic tenets of AML/CTF+.

*AML/CTF+ = Anti-Financial Crime (most prominent crimes).


  • Proficiency in English, at least at the B2 level, is required.
  • A keen interest in grasping the principles of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, countering the financing of terrorism, proliferation financing, and other financial crimes is necessary.
  • An aspiration to pursue a career in the EMIs sector is highly encouraged.

Course content

  • 7 sections
  • 23 lectures
  • 4h total length
Introduction to Financial Crimes

3 lectures

20 min

What are Financial Crimes?
Typology of Financial Crimes
Consequences and Impacts of Financial Crime

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Risk
What is Financial Crime Risk?
Risk Management in AML/CTF+ and Financial Crime
The importance of financial crime risk management
How FC risk is managed?
Compliance Program

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Compliance Program
Foundations of Compliance Programs
Foundations of KYC
Foundations of Ongoing Due Diligence
Sanctions Compliance
What is Reporting of Suspicious Financial Activities (SAR/STR)?
Termination of Business Relationship
Insight into different business sectors required to follow AML/CTF+ regulations

1 lecture

10 min

Understanding of different business sectors
Foundations of Regulation

4 lectures

30 min

International Organisations and Frameworks in AML/CTF+
Who is the Regulator?
AML/CTF+ difference by country and industry
Consequences of non-compliance
Ethical and Conduct Considerations

2 lectures

15 min

Importance of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Comparison of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Insight into Electronic Money Institutions Business and AML/CTF+ specifics

1 lecture

10 min

Understanding of EMIs Business and Risks

Career path

Upon finishing the course, individuals are typically ready for entry-level or supportive positions in AML/CTF+ within EMIs. Here are several potential job positions suitable for graduates of the AML Foundations EMIs course:

AML Compliance Assistant in an EMIs: Assistant specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance within entities providing electronic money services. €22,000 – €30,000
Junior Compliance Analyst in an EMIs: Entry-level analyst focusing on compliance tasks. €25,000 – €35,000
Client Onboarding Analyst in an EMIs: Analyst responsible for client onboarding procedures. €23,000 – €32,000
KYC (Know Your Customer) Analyst in an EMIs: Analyst specializing in Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures within entities involved in electronic money services. €24,000 – €33,000
Transaction Monitoring Analyst in an EMIs: Analyst specializing in monitoring transactions for compliance within institutions handling electronic payments. €25,000 – €34,000
Compliance Administrative Assistant in an EMIs: Administrative assistant supporting compliance activities within institutions handling electronic payments. €20,000 – €28,000
Regulatory Compliance Assistant in an EMIs: Assistant specializing in ensuring regulatory compliance within EMIs. €22,000 – €30,000
Risk Assessment Coordinator (Junior) in an EMIs: Assists in risk assessment for EMIs, ensuring compliance with regulations. €25,000 – €40,000

*Remember, these are just general estimates, and the actual salary for any given role can vary depending on the specific circumstances like the country, industry, additional certifications and experience.



Who is the AML Foundations EMIs course for?

It's ideal for students, financial professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in preventing money laundering, especially in electronic money institutions (EMIs).

What are the benefits of the AML Foundations EMIs certification?

The certification validates your skills, strengthens your resume, and increases your job prospects in financial institutions.

What skills will I learn in the AML Foundations EMIs course?

The course covers various financial crimes and related offenses, the essentials of compliance structures and programs, transaction analysis, identification of suspicious activities, and the application of laws to prevent money laundering in electronic money institutions.

What are the benefits of taking the course?

The course enhances your understanding of anti-money laundering practices, boosts your professional capabilities, and makes you a valuable asset in the financial sector, particularly in EMIs.

Who is the AML Foundations EMIs course designed for?

It is tailored for individuals aiming to grasp anti-money laundering principles and practices, such as financial analysts and employees of banks and EMIs, and is highly beneficial before pursuing the CASS Certification Program.

How is the examination process done?

After finishing the course and all its associated lessons, you are required to take a test. Each question on the test provides several possible answers from which to choose. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded a certificate for the course. Should you fail, you will be allowed to attempt the exam again a few days later.

icon comment
I found the AML Foundations EMIs course to be extremely informative and relevant to my role as a Compliance Officer. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the interactive format kept me engaged throughout.
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  • Sophia Nguyen
  • Regulatory Compliance Manager
icon comment
The comprehensive content and practical examples helped me grasp complex AML concepts easily. Highly recommended for anyone in the electronic money services industry.
Read More
  • Jamal Khan
  • Fraud Prevention Specialist
icon comment
The course materials were well-structured, and the instructors provided valuable insights into AML regulations specific to electronic money services. I feel more confident in my ability to navigate AML challenges in my role.
Read More
  • Emma Thompson
  • Risk Management Analyst

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