AML Foundations Banking
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AML Foundations Banking

Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, AML Foundations, Financial Crimes, Risk Management, Compliance, KYC, CDD, Banking

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  • Last update 4.2024
Last update 4.2024

This course includes:

  • icon list 3 Hours of on-demand video
  • icon list 22 Submodules of reading material
  • icon list 26 Schemes
  • icon list 30 Assignments
  • icon list Final Exam
  • icon list Certificate of completion
  • icon list 2 weeks - Recommended learning timeline

365 €

This course includes Foundations

​​What Will You Acquire?

  • Familiarize yourself with the basics: Take a closer look at various financial-related crimes and predicate offenses.
  • Guiding through hazes of risk: Grasp an understanding of risk and how it can be managed.
  • Decoding regulation: Learn who is responsible for regulation and AML/CTF+ rules globally and regionally.
  • Insider specifics: Take a peek behind the business scenes in banking and ML/TF.
  • Revisit your ethical conduct knowledge.
  • Practical experience: Analyze case studies and practice concepts in AML/CTF+.
  • Find out how to speak like an expert on AML/CTF+.

Course overview

Do you want to know what’s covered at the AML Foundations (ABC) for the Banking course, how long it takes, or what badges you will receive after taking the course? Let’s break it down.

To understand why you need to order this courseware, we shall start by explaining that this introduces beginners to anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism financing (CTF), AML/CTF+, etc., which are some of the frauds that happen within the financial sector.

One will get an overview of what entails money laundering activities in general and become familiar with relevant concepts concerning finance violations that are of special concern to banks.

Now let us check out the things you will learn about:

  • The dirty side of finance. Revealing financial crimes as well as their sibling – predicate crimes (what they are caused by, how they work, and what trouble they cause).
  • Risk talk. You will learn a lot about risk and risk management.
  • The truth about compliance. How to work with risk management compliance programs; taking a look at what they include.
  • Avoiding misfortune. This chapter discusses the mitigation of risks and steps to be taken when a business relationship must be finished.
  • Under the skirts of banking. The importance of AML for banks and the peculiar risks that they face as a result.
  • Regulators matter. Take a detailed look at the regulators, understand the rules, and learn how one misstep can ruin your day.

The course material, prepared by some of the leading experts in the field, is designed to provide a high degree of various expertise.

The learning experience is enhanced through animated videos to improve retention, along with professionally designed schemes and pictures for visualising complex topics.

Foundations: Essential knowledge for financial integrity.

The AML Foundations (ABC) for Banking course is your first step towards becoming a proficient Anti-Financial Crime Specialist in the Banking sector.

What about timing and what is included?

  • Activity type: online.
  • Total course time: 10 hours.
  • Video duration: 3 hours.
  • Materials type: videos, texts, diagrams.
  • Practical materials: included.
  • Quizzes: Included here too!
  • Final test: made up of 30 questions.
  • Final test duration: 60 minutes.

What qualification will I get?

After successfully passing the ABC exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the AML Certification Centre. It serves as a pass that shows you understand the basis behind AML/CTF+ and are ready to operate in the compliance and financial integrity sphere. It is a mark that will remind you what aspects of AML/CTF+ you should learn by heart while trying hard to do so.

*AML/CTF+ = Anti-Financial Crime. This abbreviation is used to highlight the biggest crimes in the field of finance.


What are the requirements for a student who wants to take AML Foundations?

  • Basic computer/Internet literacy.
  • B2 English.
  • A desire to learn more about anti-money laundering and financial crimes of other types.
  • A strong wish to work in the banking sector.

Course content

  • 7 sections
  • 23 lectures
  • 3,5h total length
Introduction to Financial Crimes

3 lectures

20 min

What are Financial Crimes?
Typology of Financial Crimes
Consequences and Impacts of Financial Crime

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Risk
What is Financial Crime Risk?
Risk Management in AML/CTF+ and Financial Crime
The importance of financial crime risk management
How FC risk is managed?
Compliance Program

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Compliance Program
Foundations of Compliance Programs
Foundations of KYC
Foundations of Ongoing Due Diligence
Sanctions Compliance
What is Reporting of Suspicious Financial Activities (SAR/STR)?
Termination of Business Relationship
Insight into different business sectors required to follow AML/CTF+ regulations

1 lecture

10 min

Understanding of different business sectors
Foundations of Regulation

4 lectures

30 min

International Organisations and Frameworks in AML/CTF+
Who is the Regulator?
AML/CTF+ difference by country and industry
Consequences of non-compliance
Ethical and Conduct Considerations

2 lectures

15 min

Importance of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Comparison of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Insight into the Banking Sector and AML/CTF+ Specifics

1 lecture

15 min

Understanding the Banking Sector’s Business and Risks


Who should enroll in the AML Foundations Banking course?

The course is ideal for students, financial professionals, and anyone eager to enhance their understanding of anti-money laundering and anti-financial crime measures within the banking sector.

What advantages does the AML Foundations Banking certification offer?

Achieving the AML Foundations Banking certificate will confirm your competence in the domain, augment your professional credentials, and boost your competitiveness in the job market, particularly with banks and other financial entities.

What competencies will you develop in the AML Foundations Banking course?

You will delve into various financial crimes and predicate offences, understand the fundamentals of compliance frameworks, analyze banking transactions, recognize suspicious activities, and effectively implement laws to thwart money laundering in the banking industry.

What are the benefits of taking the AML Foundations Banking course?

Participating in this course will broaden your anti-money laundering knowledge, refine your professional abilities, and position you as a preferred candidate in the banking sector.

Who is the AML Foundations Banking course designed for?

This course is specifically tailored for individuals who wish to master the principles and techniques of money laundering prevention in the banking context, including financial analysts and bank staff. It is highly recommended as a precursor to pursuing the CASS Certification Program.

How is the examination process done?

After you have finished all the lessons and studied thoroughly, an examination is required. During the exam, you'll encounter multiple-choice questions to answer. Passing the exam earns you a certificate for the course. If unsuccessful on your first attempt, you have the chance to retake the exam after a brief waiting period.

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"This is one of the best AML/CTF training I’ve ever had in my professional career combating financial crime for over than 15 years. In my opinion AML Certification Center’s AML/CFT course is more valuable and relevant than other similar organisations provide. You can choose the tailored training based on your knowledge level and improve it. If you want to have interesting reading and localized training - you should definitely take it!"
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"Equipping compliance professionals with the tools to identify and neutralise threats obligated entities face - AML Certification Centre training programs are an effective Anti-Financial Crime toolkit from practitioners for practitioners."
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"I found this course to be incredibly informative and applicable to my role as a Risk Management Analyst. The content was well-structured, and the case studies provided real-world context. I feel better equipped to identify and mitigate AML risks within our organization."
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  • Risk Management Analyst

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