AML Foundations VASPs
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AML Foundations VASPs

Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, AML Foundations, Financial Crimes, Risk Management, Compliance, KYC, CDD, VASPs

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  • Last update 4.2024
Last update 4.2024

This course includes:

  • icon list 3 Hours of on-demand video
  • icon list 26 Submodules of reading material
  • icon list 26 Schemes
  • icon list 30 Assignments
  • icon list Final Exam
  • icon list Certificate of completion
  • icon list 2 weeks - Recommended learning timeline

365 €

This course includes Foundations

What You’ll Learn in the Course:

  • Overview: Exploring different types of financial offenses and crimes in the economic sector.
  • Risk management: comprehension of risk and how to handle it
  • Compliance programs: basic rules of VASP.
  • Regulatory understanding: Know about regulators and global/regional VASP regulations.
  • Industry specifics: Business and ML/TF specifics of the VASPs sector.
  • Ethics and conduct: Help you understand how to behave ethically.
  • Practical application: Applying AML/CTF+ principles/scenarios through case studies.
  • Terminology: The required terminology for the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing Plus specialists.

Course overview

This course primarily introduces students to money laundering, terrorist financing prevention measures, and related financial crimes (AML/CTF+). After that, they will have a strong grounding in fundamental principles, key terms, and skills for countering financial crime with an emphasis on VASPs.

This is a comprehensive course that serves as an introduction to:

  • Finding out more about financial crimes and the underlying offenses, and how they are motivated, planned, and what the consequences are.
  • Understanding risks and risk management.
  • Getting more info about elements of compliance programs aimed at managing risk and practical considerations.
  • Learning how to identify and mitigate risks associated with financial crimes while deciding when to end business relationships.
  • Learning about regulators, complying with regulations, and avoiding non-compliance.
  • Recognizing why a Code of Ethics differs from a Code of Conduct.

The material is carefully designed by renowned industry experts who have gathered their intellectual resources into this highly diverse program.

Animated videos and schemes explain nuanced concepts, enhancing recall and forming part of the learning experience.

Begin your journey to becoming an Anti-Financial Crime Specialist in the VASPs sector through AML Foundations (ABC) for VASPs, which forms the basis of proficiency required in this fast-changing field.

How Long Will It Take?

The AML Foundations (ABC) for VASPs course is provided by the AML Certification Centre and structured to cover the fundamentals of anti-financial crime in the context of aspiring personnel working in VASPs. Here are some details about the course and its qualifications:

  • Method of learning: online.
  • Duration of course materials: 10 hours.
  • Duration of video materials: 3 hours.
  • Format: videos, texts, diagrams.
  • Practical materials: included.
  • Interactive quizzes: included.
  • Final exam: has 30 questions.
  • Duration of Final Exam: 60 minutes.

Qualifications Upon Completion

On successful completion of the AML Foundations (ABC) for VASPs course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the AML Certification Center. This certificate confirms your knowledge on AML/CTF+ basics that indicate your understanding in anti-financial crime principles and compliance with financial integrity measures in relation to VASPs.


For admission into an AML Foundations course, a student needs to fulfill these prerequisites:

  • Have basic computer skills as well as internet literacy.
  • English proficiency level not below B2.
  • Demonstrate an earnest interest in learning about money laundering concepts, including terrorism financing, combating terrorist financing, proliferation finance, etc., besides other forms of financial offenses.
  • Show determination to join the profession within VASPs.

Finishing the course means that besides improving your knowledge and abilities on anti-financial crime issues, you also recognize professional development as well as expertise in such a critical field.

Course content

  • 7 sections
  • 26 lectures
  • 4h total length
Introduction to Financial Crimes

3 lectures

20 min

What are Financial Crimes?
Typology of Financial Crimes
Consequences and Impacts of Financial Crime

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Risk
What is Financial Crime Risk?
Risk Management in AML/CTF+ and Financial Crime
The importance of financial crime risk management
How FC risk is managed?
Compliance Program

5 lectures

45 min

Understanding of Compliance Program
Foundations of Compliance Programs
Foundations of KYC
Foundations of Ongoing Due Diligence
Sanctions Compliance
What is Reporting of Suspicious Financial Activities (SAR/STR)?
Termination of Business Relationship
Insight into different business sectors required to follow AML/CTF+ regulations

1 lecture

10 min

Understanding of different business sectors
Foundations of Regulation

4 lectures

30 min

International Organisations and Frameworks in AML/CTF+
Who is the Regulator?
AML/CTF+ difference by country and industry
Consequences of non-compliance
Ethical and Conduct Considerations

2 lectures

15 min

Importance of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Comparison of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Insight into the VASPs Business and AML/CTF+ Specifics

4 lectures

45 min

Introduction to blockchain
Understanding the AML/CTF+ Specifics
Understanding the VASPs Business
VASP ML/TF+ Common Risks

Career path

Upon finishing the program, individuals are usually ready for beginner or auxiliary positions in AML/CTF+ within the VASPs sphere. Here are some potential job roles suitable for those who have completed the AML Foundations VASPs course:

AML Compliance Assistant in a VASPs: Assistant specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance within VASPs. €22,000 – €30,000
Junior Compliance Analyst in a VASPs: Entry-level analyst ensuring compliance within virtual asset service providers. €25,000 – €35,000
Client Onboarding Analyst in a VASPs: Examines client information for onboarding procedures within VASPs. €23,000 – €32,000
KYC (Know Your Customer) Analyst in a VASPs: Analyzes customer information for compliance within virtual asset service providers. €24,000 – €33,000
Transaction Monitoring Analyst in a VASPs: Analyzes transactions for compliance within virtual asset service providers. €25,000 – €34,000
Compliance Administrative Assistant in a VASPs: Assists with administrative tasks related to compliance in VASPs. €20,000 – €28,000
Regulatory Compliance Assistant in a VASPs: Supports regulatory compliance efforts within VASPs. €22,000 – €30,000
Risk Assessment Coordinator (Junior) in a VASPs: Coordinates risk assessments for VASPs, entry-level role. €25,000 – €40,000

*Remember, these are just general estimates, and the actual salary for any given role can vary depending on the specific circumstances like the country, industry, additional certifications and experience.



Who should enroll in the AML Foundations VASPs course?

This course is tailored for students, finance professionals, and anyone keen on enhancing their expertise in preventing money laundering and combating financial crimes, with a specific focus on operations related to virtual asset service providers (VASPs).

What advantages does the AML Foundations VASPs certification provide?

Obtaining the AML Foundations VASPs certificate will verify your expertise in the sector, improve your professional profile, and give you a leg up in job applications involving VASPs and similar regulatory environments.

What competencies will you gain from the AML Foundations VASPs course?

Participants will learn to identify and understand various financial crimes, grasp the fundamentals of regulatory compliance frameworks, analyze transactions, spot suspicious activities, and effectively apply legal standards to mitigate money laundering risks in the VASP industry.

Why should you take the AML Foundations VASPs course?

Engaging in this course will expand your understanding of anti-money laundering strategies, refine your skills as a financial professional, and prepare you to be a desirable candidate within the rapidly growing sector of virtual assets.

Who is the target audience for the AML Foundations VASPs course?

Designed specifically for individuals looking to grasp anti-money laundering strategies pertinent to virtual assets, this course is ideal for financial analysts and staff at virtual asset service providers. It also serves as a vital stepping stone towards achieving the CASS Certification.

How is the examination process done?

Once you have completed all the lessons and studied the course material, you must sit for an examination. This exam consists of multiple-choice questions. Successfully passing the exam results in the issuance of a course certificate. If you do not pass, you have the opportunity to retake the exam after several days.

icon comment
The AML Foundations VASPs course was incredibly informative. Clear explanations made complex AML concepts easy to grasp. Highly recommended for anyone in VASPs!
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  • Emily Patel
  • Compliance Analyst
icon comment
Highly impressed with the depth of content covered in this course. Every aspect was thoroughly explained. The real-world examples provided a practical understanding that I can apply in my work immediately.
Read More
  • Javier Gonzalez
  • AML Investigator
icon comment
As someone new to the VASPs industry, this course was exactly what I needed to get up to speed on AML. The instructors made complex topics understandable, and the course materials were well-structured.
Read More
  • Sarah Chang
icon comment
This course provided invaluable insights into AML compliance within the virtual asset sector. The instructor were knowledgeable, and the interactive format kept me engaged throughout. I feel more confident in my role as a Compliance Manager now.
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  • Mohammad Khan
  • AML Compliance Manager
icon comment
The AML training I received in this course was top-notch. The instructors were experts in the field, and their real-world experience added immense value to the content. The course challenged me to think critically about AML issues specific to VASPs, and I now feel equipped to tackle them confidently.
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  • Anna Petrova
  • Financial Crime Analyst

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